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JLC was founded in 1999. JLC has been engaged in steel, iron and non-ferrous metal smelting technology research and development, and equipment manufacturing. JLC's iron and steel smelting technology and equipment cover all aspects of mining machinery, ore sintering, iron making, steel making and steel rolling. JLC's nonferrous metal smelting technology and equipment also cover all the contents of many kinds of nonferrous metal mines and smelting.

JLC has a large-scale industrial manufacturing base, and its manufacturing and processing capacity can basically meet the equipment required for metal smelting projects.

In metal metallurgy, JLC has many technical expertise:

1. For ferronickel smelting of laterite nickel ore, JLC has a variety of complete smelting technologies to choose from. JLC can provide a complete technical solution for RKEF process. Due to our deep reduction in RK, EF can save power, greatly reduce energy consumption and production cost.

2. JLC has a complete rotary kiln direct reduction process technical scheme, which completely removing ring blockage in rotary kiln, extends the service life of refractory materials, improves the metallization rate and yield, greatly improves the production operation rate, and profit rate .

3. Production process of direct reduced iron (sponge iron).

4. In terms of electric furnace steel-making, JLC masters the process of scrap preheating and horizontal scrap steel entering the furnace, which can greatly save electricity consumption and energy in the steel-making process to greatly reduce steel-making costs.

5. In terms of hot-rolled coils and strip steel, JLC fully masters the full-endless continuous casting and rolling (ESP) process technology. Based on the principle of "strike while the iron is hot", the entire production line has a high degree of automation, a high yield rate and the production process saves energy, thereby reducing production costs.

6. JLC has the process and technology of large-scale welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, square pipe, high-frequency welding H-shaped steel and other production lines.

7. JLC also has a lot of prefabricated building technology solutions and equipment manufacturing capabilities.

8. JLC could provide customers with all solutions from project planning, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and also would like to provide customers with service items such as production management or cooperative operation.

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